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Project Logistics Engineer

München, Deutschland
Our customer is one of the largest players in the car market internationally.
The company develops and produces very innovative products for all the OEMs worldwide, has around 30.000 employees and is present in more than 25 countries.
 At this moment, we are searching for a Project Logistic Engineer located near of Munich

The Project Logistic Engineer will be part of the Corporate Logistic Department, reporting to a Project Logistics Manager and will have the following responsiblies:
PACKAGING Definition:
  • Program Acquisition:
    • Define and quote accurate and cost efficient packaging concepts in line with Internal & Customer expectations / standards and best practices, based on information with low level of details given the product immaturity, interacting with the Acquisition Team, plants and Customer during short – intensive Acquisition periods.
  • Product & Process Definition:
    • Build and track Packaging Retro-planning in close cooperation with the Process Engineer.
    • Transform Acquisition packaging definitions into detailed Packaging Studies based on 3D tools, focusing in cost efficient and cube-optimised packaging solutions.
    • Validate detailed Packaging Studies with the affected parties (company or Customer)
    • Generate detailed Prototype Packaging Specifications based on concepts agreed in order to launch Packaging Prototypes.
    • Define Prototype & Pre-series Expendable Packaging Specifications and related Packaging Instructions in order to support with such a packaging the temporary shipments of parts between toolmakers – company / Customer Pilot Plants.
    • Follow up the Prototype Packaging construction in close cooperation with the Packaging Supplier nominated, Purchasing and Program Team, tracking all product evolutions that may affect the packaging definition.
    • Validate with Static and Dynamic Trials the Prototype Packaging with the 1st of tool parts, involving the affected plants in the validation process.
    • Define and follow up the implementation of all the potential improvements needed in the Prototype Packaging in order to get it validated.
    • Track the construction of the Pre-series packaging in line with specifications and in order to meet Mass Production Trial milestone with pre-series packaging.
    • Create the Packaging Instruction
    • Create Emergency Packaging Specifications
    • Define Spare parts & Aftermarket parts packaging according to Customer expectations.
    • Validate the pre-series packaging
SUPPLY CHAIN Definition:
  • Program acquisition:
    • Define and quantify accurate and cost efficient Supply Chain Concepts for all parts (transport, delivery method, packaging loop size, IT...) in line with the internal departments & Customer expectations / standards and best practices
    • Build Preliminary Logistics Flow Diagram (VSM)
    • Support the Acquisition Team with all the Logistics Inputs needed to evaluate different footprint scenarios.
  • Product & Process definition:
    • Build and track Supply Chain Retro-planning in close cooperation with the Program Team
    • Transform Acquisition Supply Chain Concepts into detailed Supply Chain Definitions
    • Support Program team with the logistics inputs needed to validate Make or Buy & footprint decisions
    • Validate Supply Chain Definitions with the affected parties, Suppliers, company Plants and Customer (transport assumptions, packaging loop size, external platforms and handling costs…)
    • Update Material and Information Flow based on the agreed definitions.
    • Validate Supplier Supply Chain and Packaging concepts and costs in close cooperation with Program Purchasing.
    • Agree with the Plant Logistics Manager with a challenging approach the Supply Chain integration of the coming Program into the receiving Plant reality
    • Follow up the correct set up of the IT system along the complete Supply Chain to ensure communications with Suppliers and Customers.
    • Finalise full Supply Chain validations and related costs
    • Update Logistics Flow Diagram (VSM) considering 2 different levels, first for the Start of Production and second integrating further targeted optimizations (milk run, cross dock, etc.)
    • Finalise all the Logistics Agreements, compiling all agreed relevant cost and details into the Supplier / Customer Logistics Conventions in order to be signed off by the affected parties.
    • Define, evaluate and agree with the Customer the Supply Chain for the Spare & Aftermarket parts.
  • University Degree in Engineering or similar
  • knowledge in Supply Chain
  • Minimum of 2 years of experience in Logistics Projects in the automotive industry
  • Travel availability
  • High level in German and English is mandatory, Spanish is a plus
  • Availability to relocate to Germany, Munich Area
The company offers a permanent contract with good conditions, challenging projects, career opportunities and a relocation packages.

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